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Dan Thomas

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I love the church and why it exists, and I love helping churches use quality tools to proclaim the gospel to a specific audience. My passion is fulfilled when we provide an AV solution to a church that makes all the difference in the world and allows them to clearly communicate. With 11 years in full-time ministry as a Worship Pastor/Tech Director and 1 year in live audio video sales, I feel I have the knowledge to provide those solutions.

When not at church or work I spend my free time woodworking and writing music.


Movies Wood Working TV Shows
Star Wars The Last Jedi is the best Star Wars Movie of all Time Measure twice – cut once Arrow – Great story line
Harrison Ford is “In My Opinion” the best actor of our generation The type of woods makes all the difference The A-Team – A little cheesy now, but still great entertainment
The Pirates of Penzance is the best musical you can watch Perfection is in the eye of the beholder – finishing work is most important The Voice –”In My Opinion” the best track to singing stardom