Technology for Worship

October 29, 2018 by Hannah Evans

Whether it’s visual environments, enhanced production lighting or present sound—technology can help create an engaging worship encounter.

Theatrical Lighting
It’s no mystery that LED fixtures are popular right now. What you may not realize is they have become much brighter and affordable. One LED moving fixture produces less heat, doesn’t require a dimmer and new technology makes them as bright as traditional lamp engines — and you may not change the light engine for years.

AV over IP
While digital mixing may not be new to you, using fiber or even the existing IT network to distribute and switch both audio and video have become common. This can allow multiple mixers (broadcast, monitor and front-of-house) to digitally share the audio from stage without the need for monstrous splitters and transformer isolation, using your existing IT switch that you know and trust. In addition, supplying AV across the campus has become easy and can “play well,” sharing the existing network traffic.

Wireless Microphones
Yes! Wireless microphones have improved and become more affordable. They are more secure, use less bandwidth, and can be managed from a central location using a laptop or tablet.

More Control
Get up and walk around! With tablet control integration, the AV tech can adjust EQ, volume, monitors, video, screens, lighting, presentation and more from anywhere they walk.

Beam Steering
When placing sound in a reverberant space, the only option was to either deaden the room or move the speakers closer to control their coverage. Today, line array speakers can provide excellent quality sound and electronically custom control the vertical and horizontal sound patterns to focus the sound energy on occupied space and off the walls, ceilings and other reflective spaces.

Digital Signage
Take advantage of the places people gather like foyers, lobbies, eating areas by placing displays that have your custom message, scheduled for that specific time. On Wednesday night it may welcome the youth, on Sunday display upcoming events or the video of the service. Digital Signage allows you to create and control which message is shown when and where across your campus.