Planning Matters: Featuring First Baptist Church

November 12, 2018 by Hannah Evans

More than 14 years ago, First Baptist Church of Grand Prairie, TX started plans to move to a new location and construct a new sanctuary.

In 2015, those plans finally came to fruition. The church needed design/build services for the new sanctuary and had a compressed timeline. The church’s completion deadline required all the separate trades to work at the same time, rather than in sequence.

“It is unique that the customer had to move in prior to the construction being complete,” says a Ford AV Senior Account Manager. “The AV system was being phased in and each week the customer had new features to use.”

Ford AV church design experts were involved in the early stages of design, which allowed for redesigns of architectural features to improve sanctuary acoustics. AV systems were installed in all common areas, along with overflow sound, classroom, and choir room systems.

The sanctuary space includes high directivity speakers, digital amplifiers and processing for audio, head-end for video, and lighting. This is mixed with a “future-proof” infrastructure to provide an array of audio, video and intercom tie lines providing customization of signal flow throughout.